Print T Shirts Toronto

We offer a broad range of T shirt styles and brands, from everyday value, to solid performers, to unique options including Made in Canada, organics and fair trade.

Events happen! Your organization manages, organizes or participates in events for many different reasons. It can be a company offsite, picnic/rally, anniversary, branch opening, conference, golf tournament, rec hockey league sponsorship or even a family reunion, we are happy to help make your event more meaningful and impactful.
Trade shows are specifically designed to extend your message, brand and offerings. We understand the importance trade shows can play in your efforts to drive business, we have assisted many partners (trade show exhibitors, producers, promoters, organizers) with ensuring their trade show collateral produce the visibility and impact desired.
We are proud to work with our customers in supporting their charitable partners. Further, direct charitable support is especially important to us. With a proud history of working with charities, foundations and other not for profits, we are happy to continue to help philanthropic initiatives by providing defined discounts and other means of support.

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